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Indian Flag Images Photos HD Wallpapers & National Flag Pics Free Download

Indian Flag Images: The National Flag of India is designed in the form of horizontal Tri-Colour. The Indian Flag is designed using three colours such as Saffron, white and green color in all equal proportions. The saffron color is situated at the top, and the white is situated at the middle and dark green at the bottom.

The deep saffron color is also known as “Kesari” color. The ratio of the Indian Flag between the width and length is 2:3. And at the center of the white band, it consists of a navy blue wheel which involves 24 spokes. This 24 spoke represents the Ashok Chakra which is seen on the abacus of the Sarnath Lion Capital of Ashoka. The diameter of this Chakra is three-fourth of the width approximately of the white band of the Indian flag.


Indian flag is also known as Tricolour flag which means tiranga as it contains three colours. And it was initially described by Dr. S. Radhakrishnan during the Constituent Assembly which is held on 22 July 1947. The Indian Flag and the colours in it has some meanings. Dr. S. Radhakrishnan explains that the saffron color or the “Bhagwa” denotes renunciation of disinterestedness. The white band at the center of Indian Flag represents the light and the path of truth to guide our conduct. And the dark green color which is at the bottom of the flag shows the relation to our soil, relation to the plant life on which our life depends upon.


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