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Indian Flag Hoisting Today - The Dos and Don'ts Before flying the tricolour Flag

Indian Flag Hoisting  Dos and Don'ts Before FlyingIndian Flag is the symbol of national pride.It is the responsibility of every citizen of India to know the do’s and don’ts with respect to the National Flag.If you are celebrating this Republic Day by hoisting the tricolour in your society, make sure you follow the Flag Code of India that lays down all the rules and procedures to be followed while hoisting the national flag. 


Displaying and flying the National Flag in India is governed by two Acts, namely, The Emblems and Names (Preventation [sic] of Improper Use) Act, 1950 and The Prevention Of Insults to National Honour Act, 1971.Broadly, this is what the Acts set down:


Do’s Before Flying Indian Flag :

When the flag is hoisted, it should be flat and horizontal. Saffron panel should be on the top and it should be on the right with reference to the flag.

The Flag Code of India does not allow the private citizens to fly the National Flag other than on the National Days like Republic Day and Independence Day.

All people should face the flag and stand at attention, when the flag is being hoisted or lowered.

When displayed in public, the flag should only be flown from sunrise to sunset.

When displayed on a speaker's platform, “it should be flown on the speaker's right as he faces the audience or flat against the wall, above and behind the speaker,” according to the Code.

The National Flag of India should be made of hand-spun and hand-woven wool/cotton/silk and should be rectangular in shape. The ratio of the length and width should be 3:2.

DON’TS Before Flying Indian Flag :

Damaged or crumbled flag should not be hoisted or displayed.

It should not be used as a decoration or banner in any form.

The Flag is not to be used for commercial purposes, such as in any trademark design, without the government's permission.

After cultural or sport events, flags made of paper or any materials should not be thrown or discarded on the ground. Damage or soiled flag, paper made flags should be disposed in private with the dignity of the flag.

As the Nation is moving towards the improvement with several scopes, we the Indians are in a hope to see our Nation towards the development of peace and prosperity. To do so, we the people of India must pledge today better than late because it is also the duty of every citizen to make this great Nation surround with peace and prosperity.  We also must commit ourselves to serve the nation as a responsible citizen leading with honor and honesty not just serving for the sake during the national days of Republic Day or Independence Day.


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Indian Flag History & Unknown Facts about Indian National Flag

India Flag HistoryThe Republic Day is also celebrated for the purpose of the enactment of the Constitution of India because the year 1930 was the declaration of the Indian Independence which is known as Purna Swaraj as declared by the Indian National Congress.

The Indian Flag reminds us of the sacrifices made by our freedom-fighters to earn us freedom. We should up-hold its glory and honour by all means within our power. If necessary, we should defend the honor of the flag with the last drop of our blood. It is our duty and responsibility to honor the flag as it constantly reminds us of our hard earned freedom.


A flag becomes the symbol of the country so any independent country needs a flag to represent a unique symbol of the particular nation. The National Flag of India was first adopted in its present form on 22nd of July in 1947 in the meeting of Constituent Assembly, few days before the independence of the country from British rule on 15th of August in 1947. It was designed by the Pingali Venkayya using tri colours, Ashok Chakra and Khadi cloth.

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The National flag of India is designed in horizontal shape in which all the tri-colours are used in equal proportions. The ratio of flag width to its length is 2:3. The middle white band contains a navy blue wheel representing Ashok chakra with 24 spokes.

Before the final adoption of the national flag, it goes through various amazing changes since its first inception. It was started discovering and searching for the unique national flag to recognise the country during the national struggle for freedom from the British rule.


A flag known as 'Swaraj flag' was widely used in the final stages of Indian independence movement. It became the official flag of Congress at the 1931 meeting. To select a flag for independent India, on 23 June 1947, the Constituent Assembly set up an ad hoc committee headed by Rajendra Prasad. On 14 July 1947, the committee recommended that the flag of the Indian National Congress be adopted as the National Flag of India with suitable modifications.

The spinning wheel of the Congress flag was replaced by the Chakra (wheel) from the Lion Capital of Ashoka. The National flag of India was adopted by the Constituent Assembly on 22 July 1947, when it became the official flag of the Dominion of India. The flag was subsequently retained as that of the Republic of India.

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Indian National Flag Images With Soldiers - Indian Flag 3D Images Free download

Indian National Flag Wallpapers With Soldiers: The Indian Army is the pride of our nation. A soldier is the pride of nation. He defends the honour of his motherland with his life and blood. He has to raise superior to his family and his own self. His profession brings out the best in him - chivalry, discipline, team spirit and loyalty. His example serves as a beconlight to others who are tame and cowardly. His life is a source of inspiration to the young of the nation. He has no politics’ in his make-up. He serves the ruling government to the best of his ability.

Indian National Flag Wallpapers With Soldiers

From the burning deserts of Rajasthan, to the icy heights of Siachen, from battling wars, to nation building, from scaling mountains, to Olympic drawing, from enduring struggle, to supreme sacrifice, with an indomitable will, our soldiers lay down their lives, for Honour, for INDIA.

Here we provide you some images of Indian National Flag Wallpapers With Soldiers. 

Indian National Flag Wallpapers With Soldiers free download

Bharath Flag Wallpapers With Soldiers

Indian National Flag Tricolor With Soldiers
 Soldiers of army are the part of the strongest fighting forces of the world. Soldiers have a tough life. They have to perform their strict duties. Besides this, they have to manage their responsibilities at home. They do have families which also needs their attention and love.

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Indian National Flag Colors Significance & Importance of Ashoka Chakra

Indian National Flag Colors Significance: The National Flag of India is a national symbol designed in horizontal rectangular shape. It is designed using three colours such as deep saffron (top most), white (middle) and India green (lower most). The middle white colour contains navy blue Ashoka Chakra (means Wheel of Law) in the centre having 24 spokes in the wheel. The present form of the national flag was adopted in the meeting of Constituent Assembly on 22nd of July in 1947. The present Indian Flag was declared as the official flag by the authority of India. As Indian Flag contains three colours, it is also called as Tiranga. It is based on Swaraj flag (means flag of Indian National Congress, designed by Pingali Venkayya).



The flag of India -- called the Tiranga, meaning tricolor -- has three horizontal bars of saffron, white and green, and is embossed in the middle with a blue wheel. It was adopted on July 24, 1947, in the wake of India’s independence from the British, and it is made only from khadi, domestically spun Indian cotton, as a symbol of nationalism and freedom.


The topmost part of the national flag is designed using saffron colour which indicates courage and selflessness of the nation. It is a merely significant color to the religion of Hindu, Buddhist and Jain religions as it signifies renunciation and the absolution of the ego.Saffron colour is of great significance which reminds political leaders to devote towards the nation as well as perform their work dedicatedly only for the goodness of the nation without seeking any personal benefits.



The middle part of the Indian national flag is designed using white colour which represents the honesty, purity and peace of the nation. In philosophy of Indian the white also represents the cleanliness and knowledge. It merely signifies the light and the path of truth to guide India’s national conduct.


The green stripe which is on the bottom half of the flag represents the faith, fertility and prosperity. According to the philosophy of India, green colour is a festive and stabilizing color which represents the life and happiness. It indicates the greenery of earth all over the India. It reminds the Indian political leaders to lead the country by protecting the Indian soil from destruction by both, external and internal enemies.


The Ashoka Chakra is a depiction of the Buddhist Dharmachakra, represented with 24 spokes. It is so called because it appears on a number of edicts of Ashoka, most prominent among which is the Lion Capital of Sarnath which has been adopted as the National Emblem of the Republic of India.
The Chakra signifies that there is a life in 'Movement' and 'Death' in stagnation. The process of the wheel stands for cycle or the self repeating process with the changing of time in our life. India should no more resist change, it must move and go forward.

The spoked Ashoka Chakra which is placed in the center of the flag is merely replaced the Gandhian spinning wheel to add up the historical “depth” and separate and change the Indian National Congress flag to that of the Indian flag. This Dharma Chakra merely depicted the “wheel of the law” in the Sarnath Lion Capital which is made by the 3rd-century BC the Mauryan Emperor Ashoka.



The 24 spokes of the Dharmachakra represent:
1. Love
2. Courage
3. Patience
4. Peacefulness
5. Magnanimity
6. Goodness
7. Faithfulness
8. Gentleness
9. Selflessness
10. Self-control
11. Self sacrifice
12. Truthfulness
13. Righteousness
14. Justice
15. Mercy
16. Gracefulness
17. Humility
18. Empathy
19. Sympathy
20. Spiritual knowledge
21. Moral Values
22. Spiritual Wisdom
23. The fear of God
24. Faith or Believe or Hope

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Indian Flag Images Photos HD Wallpapers & National Flag Pics Free Download

Indian Flag Images: The National Flag of India is designed in the form of horizontal Tri-Colour. The Indian Flag is designed using three colours such as Saffron, white and green color in all equal proportions. The saffron color is situated at the top, and the white is situated at the middle and dark green at the bottom.

The deep saffron color is also known as “Kesari” color. The ratio of the Indian Flag between the width and length is 2:3. And at the center of the white band, it consists of a navy blue wheel which involves 24 spokes. This 24 spoke represents the Ashok Chakra which is seen on the abacus of the Sarnath Lion Capital of Ashoka. The diameter of this Chakra is three-fourth of the width approximately of the white band of the Indian flag.


Indian flag is also known as Tricolour flag which means tiranga as it contains three colours. And it was initially described by Dr. S. Radhakrishnan during the Constituent Assembly which is held on 22 July 1947. The Indian Flag and the colours in it has some meanings. Dr. S. Radhakrishnan explains that the saffron color or the “Bhagwa” denotes renunciation of disinterestedness. The white band at the center of Indian Flag represents the light and the path of truth to guide our conduct. And the dark green color which is at the bottom of the flag shows the relation to our soil, relation to the plant life on which our life depends upon.


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Indian National Flag Images For Whatsapp DP & Facebook Profile Pics

Indian National Flag Images :The National Flag of India is a horizontal rectangular tricolour of deep saffron, white and India green; with the Ashoka Chakra, a 24-spoke wheel, in navy blue at its centre. It was adopted in its present form during a meeting of the Constituent Assembly held on 22 July 1947, and it became the official flag of the Dominion of India on 15 August 1947. The Indian National Flag was designed by Pingali Venkayya. The Indian Flag has been developed based on the Swaraj Flag which is a flag of Indian National Congress.

As we know, every Independent Country has designed their own national Flag. And every flag has its meaning. The National Flag symbolizes the sovereignty and also reflects the hopes, courage, inspirations to the citizen of every Indian. The Indian flag has a ratio of two by three (where the length of the flag is 1.5 times that of the width). All three stripes of the flag (saffron, white and green) are to be equal in width and length. 

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A Flag is a symbolic representation of any country, so every country needs a Flag to represent themselves. The present form of the national Flag was first adopted on the 22nd July 1947 at the meeting of the constituent assembly few days previous to the India’s independence against the British Raj. Pingali venkayya was the designer of the flag using the three colors, Chakra, and khadi clothes. 

Before the final adoption of this national flag, our flag has gone through various phases of changes from its first inception. The search for the appropriate national flag to represent the country began during the British Raj itself .

Evolution of Indian Flag as Tricolor Flag

It is given in history that the first flag was hoisted on 7th of August 1906 in the green park which is also known as parsee Bagan square at Calcutta oresent day Kolkata.


The flag was simply designed with a mixture of 3 strips of horizontal colors. The colors consisted of green, yellow and red. The uppermost layer or strip of the flag contained 8 Lotus . The middle strip of the flag consisted of Vande Mataram written in Hindi. And the lower strip consisted of a crescent and a sun.


The second time the national flag was hoisted in Paris in 1907 , and the lady who hoisted the flag was Madame came along with her banished revolutionary band. This national flag was later exhibited in the social conference at Berlin. The second hoisted flag was a little difference from the first one. The uppermost strip contained a Lotus and 7 stars resembling the seven saptrishis. The middle yellow strip consisted of Vande Mataram written in Hindi and the last green strip consisted of the sun on one corner and a crescent and star on the other corner.


The third time the flag was hoisted by Annie Besant and Lokmanya Tilak during home rule movement in 1917. It was designed with five red and four green strips equally divided in an alternate manner. 


All India Congress committee in 1921 designed a Flag in Bezwada present day Vijayawada. The two strip of white and green represented Hindu and Muslim religion and the Charkha represented the progress of the nation and the white strip used to represent the other religions present in the country.


In 1931 finally, a resolution was passed to adopt a trip color flag which was suggested by Gandhi in India. The flag contained saffron, white and green strip and a spinning wheel or Charkha in the middle.









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